Domino QQ is one of the most popular and popular types of gambling in the card gambling category. This type there are patterns, rules and ways that if almost the same alias similar to the game of poker, what differentiates it is the type of card use in it.

QQ domino card game of course uses domino card as its medium, while in this type of poker card game uses remi card as its medium. This game has been around for a long time and is quite popular in Indonesian society, so this domino qq game can also be played online.

So that you can win this domino qq game, you have to be right in having special and accurate strategies and tricks. is a card game using domino cards, which consists of 28 cards, each card having a different value.

Domino qq game is a card gamble with 2 to 6 players in each round of the game. This domino qq game is one of the favorite games for young and old alike.

Many play this domino qq game in their spare time which is used to fill their spare time, where they can bet while spending free time with their closest people or a number of other friends.

Right Tricks To Win QQ Domino Bets

Own Capital

Capital is an important role and is the main thing that we must have. Because if there is no capital, we cannot play. Have enough capital so that you can play comfortably without feeling upset.

For fear of your Keluaran HK money running out quickly when playing, your concentration will only be on the capital you have, and this will distract and damage your concentration while you are playing.

Watch Game Domino QQ Fighting

Before you start a game or sit at a game table, it is a good idea to take a look at the ongoing game first. The steps are used to find out how your opponent plays the pattern of play.

So you can read how they play the game. If you have watched and already know how your opponent is playing, you can sit down right away and play.

Fold Domino QQ

Using folds is one of the most important strategies when starting a domino qq bet. Don’t hesitate to choose to fold, when we choose to fold it doesn’t mean being afraid of our opponents. But, with this we must know when the time is right to fight and defeat our opponents.

When we fold, we must use our clarity of mind well, not the other way around relying on pride or other things. By doing this folding we can also reduce the chance of losing a large amount.


Bluffing your opponent is also an important trick that you must try in this game. You have to be really smart in taking advantage of the situation in doing this bluff, so as not to be caught and not suspected by your opponent.

The way you have to do is at the beginning of the game if you get a bad card, you should close your card or fold it. And you need to do that over and over, until you get a really good card.

And when it’s been a while since you’ve played in that way, even though you get a bad card, you still play. Because your opponent must think and think the card you get must be a good card, because previously your opponent has read your way of playing.

And when you continue the game, your opponent will be afraid to fight you, so you will easily get a bigger chance of winning.

Move position

If the player often has bad cards continuously, you can try to change seats or find another empty bench.

You can choose another seat according to the player as a good bench, hockey and always get a good hand. This method is very effective and has been followed by many gambling players.