The Famous Online Togel Game

The Famous Online Togel Game

Online Togel

Online Togel Gambling is one of the games that has existed in Indonesia for a long time since colonial times, but the name is different. Many natives at that time also played lottery gambling

However, during his independence, President Soekarno banned this practice because he was anxious about the ideology of the Indonesian state and considered inappropriate. However, in 1968, the East Java provincial government was approved again as a PON fundraiser.

Later, many of the same projects were created, but failed and the project was terminated due to lack of funds. Then it began to be banned and then not legalized again

For beginners who are just starting to play Togel Hongkong the games you know are probably games that only guess the numbers that come out. It’s not a mistake. Lottery is a bet based on the number of results that appear on the market at a certain time.

But what is clear, there are several variations in the number of guesses for online lottery gambling games with different total prizes and difficulty levels.

The variations of the Togel gambling game with online Togel gambling are:

You have to be careful before you continue reading. The sequence of numbers contained in the results is given the following conditions:

If the result is 1234:

1 is As
2 is Kop
3 is the head
4 is the tail

4D Online Togel
This type of game is a variety of lottery games and the biggest prizes are based on guessing four consecutive numbers or numbers that come out in the lottery market results.

3D Online Togel
This type of play is the same as 4D, but only guesses three numbers from crown to tail. Besides, your guess was wrong.

2D lottery
The same type of 3D and 4D games. In one Togel gambling game, you only need to guess two numbers.

There are three variations of the 2D online Togel game.

Front 2D: two figures attached to the shaft and title.
2D center: Two figures attached to the head and the head.
Back 2D: Two figures attached to the head and tail.
Togel Combinations
This combination game is a game that guesses odd / even, big / small positions with two combinations of aces, heads, heads, or tails that are displayed according to the results of the lottery market.

Chinese zodiac lottery
This game is a guessing game for 12 Chinese zodiac signs that represent the two numbers that come out in the lottery market results.